Could Russia re-unify Ukraine?

I still think Russia won’t invade Ukraine.

They could possibly take control of the nation without any military force.

What if Russia ‘acquires’ Ukraine without invading?

Let’s call it a re-unification.

What could NATO and the U.S. do then ?

It’s plausible that Russia deploys economic pressure and fiscal support behind the shadows of other military proxies.

Keep in mind, that Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe and could be tempted to be re-unified.

My recent posts have mentioned the back story being Oil and Gas

This article citing the ‘Politics of Gas’ is dated July 13, 2021

Then I started writing this article on October 7, 2021

Within, I mention that Germany had until January 8th to commission the NordStream pipeline which didn’t happen.

But I wanted to highlight the link to a book which Antony Blinken’s wrote in 1987, titled, “Ally versus Ally: America, Europe, and the Siberian Pipeline Crisis”

Furthermore, I wrote this on November 23, 2021,

In a game of Chess, it’s ideal to acquire the King with the least amount of moves, noise and carnage.

Barreling through all the pawns, making a lot of bluster and publicly announcing your moves, seldom wins. 

I’ll post another set of points behind my thinking over the weekend.

January 28, 2022

by Rob Zdravevski

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