Europe is concerned about China decoupling

The main message of this report is China ‘channelling’ a macro, trade, political and digital decoupling with Europe.

This theme takes some thinking. Many thought China would find friends or solace amongst Europeans amidst a heated spat with the U.S.

Silk Road rhetoric aside, China is taking a binary road instead. Either they are embracing globalisation or nationalistic protectionism. The latter seems to be the current path.

“It is this blend of China’s conditional coupling, a vast state-aid apparatus and protectionism extended to national

champions, and Beijing’s new-found self-confidence in its non-convergence with Organisation for Economic Cooperation

and Development (OECD) norms and principles that is driving the current ‘crisis of interdependence’ with China.”

October 13, 2021

by Rob Zdravevski

#china #oecd #decoupling

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