The current Gold trade

Gold needs to hold US$1,843….
if it doesn’t, US$1,795 is the next stop.

For now, probability of Gold staying above US$1,850 is increasing;
the AUDUSD is holding 0.7000,
and AUDJPY and Silver registered oversold readings overnight,
while Bitcoin is holding $10,100

On a daily basis, Gold and Silver moved 3 standard deviations below their mean, which coincides with the aforementioned oversold readings.

So, “long” Gold (or a proxy Gold equity) at the current US$1,863 (cash market) is to be treated as a “trade” pending supports being broken.

In other words, it’s something to rent rather than own.

n.b. if Gold trades to $1,795 the AUDUSD should then be around 0.6835.

September 25, 2020
by Rob Zdravevski

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