There is little substitute for doing your own homework.

Regular readers of this blog would notice that I like to highlight the idiocy of financial journalism and they continue to make it easier for more of us to not take them seriously.

A dominating observation in 2013 has been how journalists used Twitter and Facebook posts as sources for their information and quotes.

Mainstream journalists have become even lazier when researching a news story that they even don’t bother to call people in order to seek a quote, instead finding a satisfactory version using social media.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the information that I see on social media as I think it’s a terrific aggregator of opinions too. In fairness, I can’t pick on journalists solely because social media’s contributors mainly come from the broader population.

But I wonder…..

Where are these people getting their facts?
Is what they write, actually correct?
If it’s an opinion, what is the basis behind their views?
What are their motivations or biases?

Here lies the opportunity.

Fewer investors are actually doing any or requisite amounts of “work” when researching and analysing investment opportunities.

A couple ways that I try to succeed when investing my money is to search where others aren’t looking and out work the others.

Although we have been taught by elders and peers that you shouldn’t simply believe everything that you read, yet it seems that we continue to believe the typed word without exercising much individual curiousity or intellectual honesty.

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