Let Me Buy A Car Online

I want to buy a particular car but the nearest dealership is in Perth, Western Australia. That’s 300 km’s away from where I live.

I know the car, model, colour, interior options, wheels and engine configuration that I want.

I did a lot of things online. I searched for it online, compared it to other cars and I even “built” my preferred vehicle on the manufacturers website.
BUT, I couldn’t buy it online.

Nope, I need to go into a dealership and buy it from them, which in turn means that I pay for their selling margin, sales persons commission, their overheads, dealer delivery costs and my time and fuel to get there and back.

The dealer adds little value, other than allowing me to test drive it. I don’t need you to “listen” to me. I have already researched it, answered my own questions and made a decision, all online.

I could probably organise finance online and have it delivered to me too? (With free floor mats thrown in)

Just like the financial services industry, unless you add value, give advice and perhaps make me some money (unlikely from a car dealers perspective), price is questioned in the absence of value.

You see, I no longer need to go to a record shop and ask the person behind the counter, what is the new hot album. Spotify and others already tell me this.

Tesla currently let’s me one of their cars online. All I have to do is click, “Buy Now”. I only wish they would deliver to Australia.

What other industries could be affected, that may allow me to Buy Now, without dealing with a sales rep?
Real Estate selling and rental agents?

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