A Suez Crisis and higher Natural Gas

In Egypt….

two Presidents have been removed from power,
human rights are being violated,
christians are being suppressed and
people are being killed whilst protesting

What if the Muslim Brotherhood (an Iranian proxy) takes power in the world’s most populous Arab nation which borders Israel and straddles the Suez Canal?

Will this make the world nervous?

It’s possible that we see Western intervention to correct matters and protect their billions of dollars spent on military aid over the decades.

Oil prices will probably rise further but I’ll speculate that Natural Gas prices will rise more so.

The price of Natural Gas have been falling for years but I think this will reverse.

When oil becomes more expensive, I think demand for cheaper alternatives such as Natural Gas will be sought and oil won’t be the only fuel source that buyers will settle for.

Furthermore, I expect gas projects (including American shale) will not come on-stream as quickly as expected, due to the rising cost of capital and overall cost overruns.

It is rare that when a commodity is in high demand that it stays cheap for too long.

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