Be careful what you wish for

When emotions such as anger, disgust and frustration infiltrate the collective sentiment of the population, consensus “group-think” doesn’t provide the sensible, safe answer or result that it might be traditionally assumed.

2010 10 30 - 9442 - Washington DC - Fear-Sanit...

Image by thisisbossi via Flickr

The protests that are occurring around the world are rebellions to the status quo. However when the anger of belligerent protestors is countered with violent reactions by authorities, the decisions being made don’t seem to have the desired effect.
Politically, I think the outcomes that protestors are hoping for, will not turn out how they dreamed.
Whether it’s Mubarak, Putin, Sarkozy, Gillard or Merkel, perhaps it may be the case of better the devil you know.
I anticipate weakness in the U.S. stock market throughout 2012 with a clearer downtrend commencing from the March/April timeframe and lasting into late October.
By the time November 2012 comes around, Obama will stand little chance of being re-elected but a Republican President won’t prove to be any better and may be a worse outcome for the next 4 years.
Under this scenario, governments still won’t find the ability to plan beyond the next 18 months, for soon after, they’ll be back on the campaign trail for the next election.
China’s ability to have rolling 5-year plans should be envy of policy makers everywhere.

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