The 1970’s thesis continued – Fashion and Politics

I’m no fashionista but to continue a previous blog where I discussed an analogy covering the 1970’s, I am now seeing bellbottom jeans making a comeback to the stores along with specifically poorly styled shorts, slim tiny skateboards and even tennis-type sun visors.

So, if the current stock market, economic, social and union situation mimics the early 70’s, it won’t be too long before tartan (Bay City Rollers, remember them?) and crocheted bikini’s soon appear. It’s all quite worrying but at least there was Farrah!

Politically, the early 70’s saw an American 2-term President Nixon give way (albeit resigning due to scandal) to a succession of 1-termers in Ford & Carter. “Stability” in policy returned when Reagan took office in 1981.

In the United Kingdom, Harold Wilson’s two-term rule came to an end in 1970 and was followed by single election winners in Edward Heath (conservative) who lost after calling an early election in reaction to striking miners to see Labour’s Wilson return for a shortened term followed James Callaghan’s tenure. Then in 1979, Thatcher took over.

Australia’s government didn’t have any more luck with stability nor scandal.

Liberal PM, John Gorton was deposed mid-term by Billy McMahon who was defeated at election after serving 20 months. In 1972, Whitlam’s (Labor) government was elected with a 9 seat house majority (but didn’t control the senate) and following the ’74 election he lost a further 5 seats in the House of Representatives.

He did also have his share of drama aided by Minerals and Energy minister, Rex Connor who wanted to control the mining industry.

Although installed into office by the Governor-General, Malcolm Fraser’s (Liberal) 7 years as Prime Minister (until 1983) morphed into the relative sensible Hawke/Keating years.

It didn’t seem to matter which political party was in power, the requisite for social and economic happiness was stability in government and a majority in the house.

History does’t seem to bode well for Gillard and Obama!

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