Pineapple Socialism


Australian’s are an accepting lot. A very compliant, submissive and subservient group indeed.

Industry and government say anything they wish and we believe it.

We have reserves of gas and coal, yet our energy prices are rising.

We have a huge beef and lamb herd yet we pay astronomical prices.

We have taxes imposed on every product and service.

We have 22 million people living in a land mass the size of the United States, yet our property prices are more expensive than Hong Kong?

It costs no more today to build a house of comparative standards than it did 10 years even after accounting for the increase in labour.

The government needs to release land to the population and not to the land-banking developers. There is no land shortage in Australia.

The trend we have seen is food, energy and land inflation coupled by asset and product deflation. So, my assets are falling in value yet I am paying more for my staple requirements. No why wonder I feel poorer!

I see this trend continuing.

As many are having difficulty paying for their staples including accommodation, heaven forbid should we engage in some luxury such as a $4 cappuccino or try to buy a sandwich for under $9. Don’t get me started on the cost of city parking, fruit or vegetables.

Last week I bought a Nestle branded bottle of water in an Indonesian airport for 40 cents. Four hours later I landed in Perth, Australia and paid $4.50 for the same bottle of water which also happens to be three times the cost (on a per litre basis) than the price of petrol I used on my drive home. How is this so?

The rest of the world is securing supply of necessities while Australians pay more and more, for much of the product that we already produce here.


I hear reasons that include dwindling supply, higher global demand and rising farming production costs but there will be a limit to how much jargon the population can handle involving words such as transparency, “best practices” and accountability.

I don’t know the answers but if recent protests in Israel about the rising cost of living are any indication, social unrest will also be an emerging and relevant trend. Unfortunately such an event would drive these prices even higher.

My rant is about the high cost of necessities and not the cost of electrical goods and many other products which have actually become cheaper but I do think it’s time that retailers can stop crying poor as to why we won’t pay $75 for T-shirt.

I wonder how long we are going to be fooled by Australia’s facade of free market capitalism and democracy, when we should probably sooner accept the government evolution to socialist capitalism. The problem is, it feels like a sort of socialism without the social benefits and control. After all, thousands still sleep rough in Australia’s cities!

Whichever way this turns, the population could decide for themselves and not cop the rough end of the pineapple anymore?

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