The Protest Vote Is Over

Make Our Votes Fair

Make Our Votes Fair (Photo credit: cliffjamester)

2012 has been a big year for elections around the world, especially amongst G-20 countries.

It seemed that the first half of 2012 saw a rise in a “protest vote” against the incumbent leader for reasons that may have included a disapproval of how politicians reacted to the effect of the global financial crisis and an emotional spillover from citizen uprisings such as the ones seen in the Arab world.

Voters decided that “they’ll show ’em” by voting for the opposition, as we saw in Spain & France but their citizens haven’t seen any improvement to their woes.

The shift that I noticed in the 2nd half of 2012 was to re-elect the devil that one already knows, as seen in Mexico, Venezuela & the U.S.A.

If this trend continues, it’ll bode well for the re-election chances of Julia Gillard & David Cameron.

Keep your snouts out of the piggy bank

A Piggy bank (penny bank/money box)

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The news report link below mentions that the current Australian Labor government plans to withdraw money from the Future Fund to help its surplus budget ambitions and promising to return it later.


In the spirit of this blog’s mantra – “Try to hear what is not being said” – this could translate to being read as “Holy smokes, we are in trouble”.

This article has attracted rebuttals, revisions and corrections but just the sheer mention of this story is unbelievable.

Australia is a rich country which weathered the 2008/09 financial crisis better than most, yet it’s government is proposing more taxes and now wants to raid its sovereign pension fund to meet political promises.

If the Australian government needs to do “borrow” money from the Future Fund , there is a $1.1 trillion superannuation industry which they could also fiddle with. Maybe a new tax for contributions??

Beware Australian government, you need some new policy advisors!

News stories such as this, together with rising petrol and food prices along with revivals of mortgage stress, civil unrest wouldn’t too hard to rouse.

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