Gas prices halve, no surprise

Who would’ve thought that Gas prices could go down, let alone halve.

Well, the Dutch TTF Gas price has as has the Japan Korea LNG Marker (JKM) price.

It may seem perverse that this can happen but not really to others.

Henry Hub Natural Gas has nearly halved from its $10 peak.

Well, its currently $6 and nearing that $5 call I made in this note;

Market forces tend to fix extreme moves in prices.

October 18, 2022

by Rob Zdravevski

Gravity and the JKM LNG price

The Japan Korea Marker (“JKM”) fell 25% last week of which 22% occurred on Friday alone.

It closed at $25.25.

I expect it to (and it’s trying to) retrace or mean revert that parabolic move seen through 2021.

$22.50 is now an important support level which represents a 62% retracement from the $6 trough seen in March 2021.

Ultimately, $15.20 would be a better place to rest once it has ‘blown-off’ that sharp rally.

In the weekly chart below, the rolling mean illustrated is a 200 week moving average.

That average currently reads $9.55, however I expect it to roll (sharply) higher in the coming months, in essence converging
to a point that may be close to the $15 level mentioned above.

So, what does this mean?

Sellers should have already been locking in their forward price over the past few months, while I also expect lower equity prices in LNG producers as JKM pulls back a little more.

So, patience is a virtue for buyers.
Wait for your price, Wait for your pitch.

n.b. The JKM price reflects the spot market value of cargoes delivered ex-ship into Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan.

January 17, 2022
by Rob Zdravevski

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