Knowing how the world works

My inadvertent political comment is pointed towards the recent ‘sudden’ and ‘rushed’ coincidence of Australia’s Prime Minister electing to visit the Glasgow COP26 climate event aligning with the subsequent release of a (albeit feeble) net zero climate policy in order to support his reason to ‘show face’ at the event.

Imagine being a political eunuch showing up to a pro-climate change conference without a pro-climate change position.

The poor soul faces an almighty dilemma.

The consequence of his absence at COP26 (as the leader of a nation which is the 2nd largest per capita carbon emitter) would be palpable.

Although having a firm view on global warming (notice how we don’t call it that anymore) and setting an appropriate policy carries a risk, for it has been the re-election downfall of the past 4 Australian Prime Ministers.

But all is averted……

Furthermore, in the coming week, fully vaccinated Australians can now depart Australia much more freely and return from international travel without the need to quarantine.

What a wonderfully coordinated convenience for the travelling ministerial delegation to Glasgow.

There is nothing illegal here, but it’s just a prompt to be aware of how things are framed and presented.

Happy travels!

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