Returns and expectations seem out of kilter

I am sensing the most ungracious amount of sentiment from investors in more than a decade.

It is perverse about the expectations that investors think they should ‘deserve’.

If a stock rises 8% in year, many investors would be pleased with that return, especially if you consider the risk you may have been taking.

10% would be nicer.

In fact, those returns have actually happened over the past 4 weeks.

But I sense, the majority aren’t happy with those returns.

It feels as they are still at the table, still pressing and parlaying.

Lately, some stocks are up 30% within 6 weeks.

Many may still be expecting more than that.

Usually what fixes this scenario and such a moment in time, is markets give those investors a re-adjustment with a good kick in the ass.

Put that in your Wall Street brokerage research report 😂

November 5, 2022

by Rob Zdravevski

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