Reviewing the call to buy Turkish Banks

13 months ago (October 2021) I wrote a wrote about buying Turkish Lira, Turkish Equities and specifically Turkish banks.

It was somewhat at the height of pessimism in that country.

Since mid October 2021, the Turkish BIST equity index has nearly quadrupled. It has risen 375% in 13 months.

The suggested bank in that post, IS Bankasi has risen similarly, from TRY 2.30 per share to TRY 10.80 per share.

I could say it was a combination of being contrarian or finding value, but I prefer to suggest that it carried an attractive risk/reward skew…

and there is terrific benefit to thinking and investing globally.

December 1, 2022

by Rob Zdravevski

One Response to Reviewing the call to buy Turkish Banks

  1. Ben J says:

    Did you take a position Rob and assuming you did do you still hold a position?

    Great call!

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