Stubbornness Kills

Whenever market observers write about their views, they often publish prices (targets, support lines, entry points) which reflect their predictions.

I do that too. 

I figure that the readers and myself need some reference or measuring point and there is also the sport of trying to ‘pick it’.

However, I anticipate moments in the coming months where my timing to deploy capital will revert to “NOW”

Swinging at a ball in a nice part of my strike zone is often better than ‘hoping’ for that perfect pitch.

Digging in my heels and waiting for that perfect price means my stubbornness will result in missing many investments opportunities or costing money.

Participating in the ‘fat part of the trade’ is an aim of mine 

I remind myself that getting the first and last 10% of any trade is quite difficult.

September 29, 2022
by Rob Zdravevski

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