AUD/USD, Gold, Oil and SPX hit targets

As mentioned in this note below…

the S&P 500 Index traded to 3,645 in Monday’s trading session…..

although I think there is a little more to go.

The AUD/USD hit its 0.6464 target as per this note,

but there is also a little more to go.

WTI Crude Oil hit my $77.50 target but it also has a bit more lower travel ahead.

Finally, Gold hit my target of US$1,642 and it is close to finding a floor.

I think somewhere the current price and US$1,590 would do.

However, the context is that we are nearing the end of these moves, rather than the start of a new trend.

If it turns out to be an extension of the existing trend, I remind myself that the last 10% of a ‘trade’ is often the most difficult part to be involved with.

September 27, 2022

by Rob Zdravevski

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