Reviewing “blow off” euphoria

A month ago, in this note I wrote about “blow-off tops”.

Since then, of the subjects mentioned within;

Platinum peaked that day (February 17th) with a high of $1,348, today its 10% lower at $1,210,

Natural Gas peaked on that day at $3.31 and has since slumped 25% to $2.49,

Lemonade also peaked that day $171 and has tanked 44% to $96,

Sugar peaked 4 days later at $18.90. Today it is 16% lower at $15.90,

Spotify also peaked then at $387 and has slid 30% to $272,

Westpac Bank is still the same price,

Lean Hogs have kept climbing from $86 to $94

and the neglected Yakult has risen 8% in the past month.

March 19, 2021

by Rob Zdravevski

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