Sometimes I sell too early

In another review of past posts and investment calls,

the linked note talks about performance and my decision to sell some stocks which already produced very pleasing returns (you’ll see the original cost basis in the graphic within the original post).

Of the subject stocks written about, I definitely sold a couple “early”;

Zillow, which was bought at $27 AND sold at $87 and carried on climbing to $212. It’s now $138,

(in fairness, even if I held, I would’ve surely sold before $110)

PayPal was purchased at $34 then sold at $204, rallied up to $309. It’s currently trading at $238.

Spotify was dumped at $284, it did decline to $225 soon after, although rose to $370. Today’s it closed at $271 which is slightly lower than my sale price.

Docusign was sold soon after the August 2020 post at $240 and since then it has traded sideways and weakened to $205.

Portfolios continued to hold GOOGL (Alphabet) which has risen 23% since August 28, 2021 from $1,639 to $2,021.

March 19, 2021

by Rob Zdravevski

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