Why your house has a P/E Ratio of 34

My friend is selling his house for A$1.4 million.
The property is tenanted (in a tight vacancy market) in Perth, Australia for $1,000 per week.

He receives $52,000 per annum,
but at the very least he pays away;

$4,000 in municipal rates/taxes
$2,000 in maintenance
$2,000 in house insurance
$3,000 in rental agent fees

To embellish this figure, we won’t deduct interest paid on the mortgage payments nor taxation owed on the rental income……let’s say ’tax offsets and deductions’ make it neutral.

This leaves his him with net income of $41,000, which is a net earnings yield of 2.92%.

So the buyer of this property, at the very best, can be seen paying a Price/Earnings Ratio of 34 for this piece of real estate.

October 16, 2020
by Rob Zdravevski

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