Apple – as good as it gets?

On the eve of Apple reporting its quarterly earnings, Steve Jobs takes leave from the company again due to weight loss associated with his illness.

I’m not going to harp on about Apple’s “key man” risk and nor predict Apple’s demise. Heck, my household has been “Appled” with many devices since 2003. More so, I’m saddened that Steve Jobs is only 57 years of age.
But as an investor, perspective is required.
Apple is a design and marketing company that efficiently outsources its manufacturing elsewhere whilst it also operates one of the most wonderful businesses that I have ever seen – the iTunes Store.
It’s market cap is $320 billion which is 24% greater than the big 4 Australian banks market caps combined, yet last year, the four Aussie banks made 24% more profit than Apple posted.
Apple has products and services that have become culturally significant but my question is, is this as good as it’s going
to get for Apple?

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