Is WTH going to cost you your job?

Working From Home is the real risk for institutionalised employees

I wonder if the majority of people losing their jobs at Blackrock, Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley were the ones who chose more work/life balance than the rest by insisting to work from home?

Once upon a time, sackings were often based on last in, first out.

Perhaps now it based on one’s proximity to the office and collegiately?

In sport, if you sit far away from the bench (and possibly goofing around) the coach won’t see you readily.

But if you stand close to the coach throughout the game, there is a much better chance of being put in the game…….or even being promoted.

Especially, if you are seen to be interested and even periodically ask to be ‘put in the game’.

There is nothing like a bunch of hubris and a good recession to fix the labour market.

Perhaps the forecasted revenue to employee ratio will be impacted.

January 12, 2023

by Rob Zdravevski

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  1. Peter (thepaps) says:


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