Dividend Bounty

Last week, $2.7 billion was paid out to shareholders of Australian (ASX) listed companies, in the form of a dividend.

This week, nearly $1 billion is hitting shareholders bank accounts.

Then a further $2 billion next week.

The last 2 weeks of September sees $30 billion credited.

Over a 2 month span (between Aug 30th – Oct 31st), $41 billion of dividends will be remitted.

This bounty amounts to being close to 2% of the ASX’s total capitalisation, which is approximately $2.55 trillion.

Furthermore, keep in mind that this cash wasn’t raised from any selling pressure or activity. It is being distributed by the corporations.

That’s a lot of ‘new’ money which will be reinvested into the market by institutions, self managed super funds and other investors.

September 8, 2021

by Rob Zdravevski


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