House For Sale on P/E Ratio of 100

A 10 year old 4 bedroom free-standing brick house, sitting on land of 620 square metres, in my little town of Dunsborough, Western Australia has sold for $820,000 and it’ll be soon offered for rent at $650 per week.

Gross rental income will be $34,000
and I figure annual costs will be;

$2,300 in municipal rates/taxes
$1,500 in maintenance
$1,000 for house insurance
$1,900 in rental agent fees
$19,000 in interest payments

Total Costs will be $25,700
So Net Income is $8,300 or an Earnings Yield of 1%

This property is on a Price/Earnings Ratio of 100.

Just so my calculations figures didn’t go negative…..
I didn’t include any tax owed in the rental income earned.

Perhaps the ’negative gearing’ of the interest costs will offset that?

Also, let’s not count the $33,500 government stamp duty the purchaser will pay.

October 19, 2020
by Rob Zdravevski

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