A sample portfolio

Investment advisors such as myself are hamstrung (legally) and for good reason from touting performance returns mainly because (in my case) I don’t operate, invest and manage money within a pooled fund or unit trust.

One, generally cannot advertise “returns” if you’re unable perform or produce audited results of the “fund” from a recognised firm.

Because my clients take my recommendations and execute the investments in a brokerage account of their choice, I am unable to publish anything resembling investment performance.

This is the next best thing I can show you, what I do…..

below is a screenshot of a client’s international brokerage account,

We’ve cropped his top 6 holdings (as of Aug 31, ’20), the other 8 positions are quite recently acquired (3 are in the “red”, they’re yet to mature and I’m keeping proprietary respecting that client’s retain me for this advice).

I tend to run concentrated portfolios of between 8-18 positions.

The 6 holdings below represent Google (Alphabet), Docusign, Paypal, Zillow, IHS Markit & Experian.

The value of these 6 stocks started at $174,103.
They are now worth $562,206

Most of these shares have been held for at least 3 years.

* sold Paypal, Zillow & Spotify this week
* see my disclaimer

by Rob Zdravevski

Top 6 portfolio

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