Most stinkiest, unloved and oversold – Currencies

First, you must pick a currency.

It is the first thing you must do; when conducting business, settling a transaction or making an investment.

Even if you are buying oranges from the greengrocer, unless you are trading them for apples.

It’s time for some tactical tweaks and tilts in the Currency market.

The evident move has been the strengthening of the U.S. Dollar.

I’m a Seller of some USD and preparing to…..

Buy some Euro near the 1.08 level,

Buy some GBP at 1.2850,

Buy JPY (now) around the 117.50 mark,

Buy some HKD (if you have business to conduct there)

The Korean Won is back to the same weakness (against the USD) seen in March 2020, which mimics the same level as February 2016 and July 2010.

That is certainly making South Korea competitive again which is good for their electronics, heavy machinery and automobile industries.

I’ll be interested buying their equities when the KOSPI Index touches 2,460, which is a further 7% below today’s closing price.

And finally, the Danish Krone (DKKUSD 6.80) and Swedish Krona (SEKUSD 9.60) are also exhibiting notable weakness, attractive to Buy, should you specific commercial requirements to do so.

March 14, 2022

by Rob Zdravevski

2 Responses to Most stinkiest, unloved and oversold – Currencies

  1. Bernie Masters says:

    Can I buy some Russian rubles? They’re worth next to nothing now but the war will end eventually and Putin will end his dictatorship eventually, whereupon Russia will be welcomed back into the international fold.

    • Yes you can Bernie. That market is back trading but the trick is to find a broker who will custody the assets on your behalf. In fact, the RUB is already 11% against the USD. The larger risk is if Putin tinkers with its devaluation of erase a ‘zero’ from the Ruble’s value.

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