Watch Pakistan and Kazakhstan

Did anyone notice Imran Khan (the leader of the world’s 6th largest army and 8th largest air force) visiting Putin (who is in charge of the world’s 5th largest army and 2nd largest air force)

….only hours after the commencement of the Russian/Ukraine invasion.

Incidentally, Pakistan has a population of 220 million compared to Russia’s 144 million.

News reports say they are “expected review the entire array of bilateral ties including energy cooperation besides exchanging views on major regional and international issues, along with Mr Khan expecting to push for the construction of a long-delayed, multi-billion-dollar gas pipeline to be built in collaboration with Russian companies”.

This makes for interesting analysis especially since Pakistan still receives millions of dollars in aid from the U.S. (notwithstanding Trump having cut $1.3 billion of that flow) including 33 million does of COVID-19 vaccines.

More so, Pakistan pays $10-$13 billion per annum on external debt servicing.

Other ties to watch are between Russia and Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan happens to be Central Asia’s largest country and has a GDP similar to Ukraine ($160 billion).

In January 2022, Kazakhstan asked for Russian help to quell protests and riots (227 died in a week of unrest) over the rising cost of fuel. Russia acquiesced with a military presence.

There are Caspian pipelines involved and Kazakhstan produces 40% of the world’s uranium.

See where I’m going?

It’s time to study the maps.

February 25, 2022

by Rob Zdravevski

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