On my mind and radar

AUDUSD at resistance levels, its rising within a weekly downtrend,

Looking for Uranium back to $33, its now $38,

A nice rise in Alibaba, will add to HK$149 and HK$140,

U.S. 10’s hit my 1.62% interim ceiling,

Energy complex is overbought and trading at extremes,

You’re at the wrong end of the move if you’re going long now,

Be careful of parabolic moves and,

chasing the herd and pending mean reversions,

the S&P 500 target is 4,022 (a further 7.7% lower),

forget the index for a moment,

some Japanese, European & U.S. stocks are oversold,

selling strong USD to Buy JPY,

selling strong GBP, buy EUR,

remember when price moves are in the broad news, its too late,

to be continued,

October 12, 2021

by Rob Zdravevski


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