You’d think they’d know better

Please realise the idiocy of this headline and whoever authored or approved it at the Australian Financial Review.

Talk about ‘clickbait’.

This falls under the continuing edition of how the media frames the story they want you to hear.

While I have my intermediate bearish views on the price of Iron Ore, today, trading in shares of Fortescue Metals adjusted for its $2.11 dividend. It is well expected that the stock falls by that amount.

This half-yearly dividend amounts to an astonishing 10% of the company’s market capitalisation.

By the end of the day, the stock was $2.28 lower from the previous day’s close…..yet the headline below reads “plunge”.

It’s not a plunge, it’s a dividend adjustment!

That’s not very sharp acumen or literacy from a specialist financial newspaper.

September 6, 2021

by Rob Zdravevski


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