Separate interest rates for Western Australia?

I read a newspaper article which cited that borrowers in Western Australia may be disadvantaged by the interest rate policy being set by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

It was written that the RBA may be concerned about the rising property prices in Sydney & Melbourne and (in order to temper housing affordability issues) may influence an increase in interest rates.

The article then quoted a Western Australian property “expert” who expressed concern that any rate rise will hurt an already lagging and subdued Perth property market.

I think the author should have either asked the question or argued the point, “should Australia have more than one official Central Bank lending rate”?

Perhaps an even lower borrowing interest rate for those living west of the 130th meridian?

The (my) answer is no!

I do hope that the Reserve Bank of Australia isn’t placing too high of a weighting on eastern seaboard property prices when formulating interest rate policy.

After all, banking lending practices remain quite tight and I think alternative Australian lenders aren’t engaging in the worrisome practices of 10 years ago.

Credit may be historically cheap but lending isn’t loose yet. The RBA would be looking at status of the lending and banking markets rather than whether people are engaged in the greater fool theory in Sydney or Melbourne real estate.




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