Investment Themes – Automation, Self Service & Mobile Payments

I’d like to start a series of blogs that I wish to share focusing on investment themes. I’ll try to keep the topics and paragraphs brief but hopefully it’ll give you an idea of how where I start my pondering from the “top down”, following periods of time reading and “staring at the ceiling”.

iPhone Mobile Payment 100 Euro

Maybe this theme could be re-written as ‘Self-Service”. We are happily self servicing and processing our own tasks, requests and business. Some examples include how I withdraw and deposit my own money from and into my bank account or happily swipe groceries at the check-out and pay bills myself rather than having the bank or post office help me. I am equally excited when I get to press buttons at airport check-ins and I am captive to listening to automated telephone call centre prompts.

Beneficiaries of this trend include companies that adopt automation and self-service technology allowing them to save costs and companies who produce technology ranging from car park payments machines to supermarket scanners.

A trend that is still gaining traction is Mobile Payments. The initial trend has started with payment processors (MasterCard and Visa) promoting the use of debit cards. Many cards now have embedded chips and some allow me to “flash” the card at a terminal without breaking stride whilst exiting a store. Paypal and other companies provide services of having a “mobile wallet”. SMS payments are becoming popular and Mobile Web Payments has wide ranging possibilities. The real growth will be in how we use our mobile phones.

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